New Attractions: Writing M/M Romance

Kim Fielding

Are you considering m/m romance? Kim will give an overview of the genre, including its history and the reasons to write it. She'll discuss the m/m romance market, explore some of the publishing options, and talk about the unique community of m/m romance authors and readers. Finally, she'll tackle some of the potential stumbling blocks an author might face when writing in this genre.




Kim Fielding is the bestselling, award-winning author of over 50 m/m romance novels, novellas, and short stories. Like Kim herself, her work is eclectic, spanning genres such as contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and historical. Her stories are set in alternate worlds, in 15th century Bosnia, in modern-day Oregon. Her heroes are hipster architect werewolves, housekeepers, maimed giants, and conflicted graduate students. They’re usually flawed and they often encounter terrible obstacles, but they always find love.

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10:30am on the third Saturday every month except November.


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2018 Meetings    

Writing Sex that Will Grab Your Readers with Intent and Emotion

Aka, How to Put the Bang in Your Banging

Tamsen Parker

Sex scenes. Love them or hate them, if you’re publishing at the spicier end of the romance spectrum, you’ve got to know how to write them. And we all know that when it comes to writing sex, romance writers rule. We can make our readers swoon, give them chills, and definitely keep them turning pages.


We’ll talk about why sex is a useful tool in building intimacy between characters, how to convey the intense emotions and physical feelings that can accompany sex by fine-tuning the language we use, and how to use timing and surrounding scenes to add extra oomph to your characters getting it on. We’ll also cover how playing with power dynamics—whether in “formal” BDSM or not—can add extra zing to your books, and discuss writing sex across the rainbow.  


Whether you’re a new writer who feels silly or uncomfortable writing sex, or a veteran who’s looking for ways to make your sex scenes more powerful or change things up a bit, this workshop will give you some new tools to add to your amatory arsenal.  




Tamsen Parker is a stay-at-home mom by day, USA Today bestselling erotic romance writer by naptime. Her novella CRAVING FLIGHT was named to the Best of 2015 lists of Heroes and Heartbreakers, Smexy Books, Romance Novel News, and Dear Author. Heroes and Heartbreakers called her Compass series “bewitching, humorous, erotically intense and emotional.”


She lives with her family outside of Boston, where she tweets too much, sleeps too little and is always in the middle of a book. Aside from good food, sweet rieslings and gin cocktails, she has a fondness for monograms and subway maps. She should really start drinking coffee.


Repped by the fabulous Courtney Miller-Callihan


Instagram for Authors: Bookstagram, Hashtags, and Content

Beverly Bambury

Title of Presentation:

Instagram for Authors: Bookstagram, Hashtags, and Content



This talk will have tons of useful information to help you make Instagram work for you as an author:

  • Basic Instagram photography tips

  • Get your profile optimized for attracting followers

  • Learn how to choose hashtags that work

  • Tips on how to build relationships and be part of the vibrant book community on Instagram

  • And of course, info on how to grow your following


Beverly Bambury is a publicist and social media specialist for authors and comic creators. She also edits comics and graphic novels, and sometimes proofreads and copy edits prose, too. Learn more about Beverly at beverlybambury.com.


A Discussion of Amazon Ads

and the Keys to Success


Brian Meeks


Bio:  Brian Meeks is the author of 14 novels and 5 non-fiction books, including his book Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author's Guide.


He has made over $200,000 in sales on under $50,000 in ad spend and now focuses much of his time on teaching other authors how to manage their ads, optimize their descriptions, and use copywriting to improve their read through. He currently lives in Las Vegas, NV and really likes pictures of guinea pigs. They're adorable.


A Discussion of sharing information on organizational tools for writers


Roh Morgon


Roh will lead a general discussion sharing information on organizational tools for writers. Find out what other members are using, what's worked and not worked. Share your own tips.


No Meeting in July due to RWA Conference


KL Book Signing.jpg

Description in Fiction:

How much is too much?


Krista Lynn


Description in Fiction: How much is too much?

Author, Krista Lynn, dares to pose this question, one of the hardest aspects of good storytelling. How can we write description that keeps the reader’s interest, pulls her in the story instead of activating the dreaded “skim” reflex?


There is no easy fix for writing engaging description, but Krista offers what she has found along her writer’s path by way of examples and techniques. She invites attendees to bring short excerpts or passages from books they’ve read that added the right amount of detail to propel the story forward and those that they might have “skimmed.” We can discuss as a group the challenge of description in genre fiction. How much really is too much?


Krista Lynn is a former Geography professor who now writes earthy Supernatural Romantic Suspense. Book #1 of the Sunset Canyon Series, Blood Stones, The Haunting of Sunset Canyon is available on Amazon. Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa will release in 2018

Author:  www.kristallynn.com  Graphic Arts: www.kristallynndesigns.com

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Going Indie: Five Concrete Steps to Start Out Right


Elizabeth Hunter


Going Indie: Five Concrete Steps to Start Out Right

Successful self-published author, Elizabeth Hunter provides concrete steps to start out right with independent publishing, from finding your niche to creating your team. A short talk and Q&A designed for seasoned and beginning writers. Topics include independent publishing resources, newsletter development, and social media presence.

ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today and international best-selling author of romance, contemporary fantasy, and paranormal mystery. Based in Central California, she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies, history, and the universal bonds of love, friendship, and family. She has published over thirty works of fiction and sold over a million books worldwide. She is the author of Love Stories on 7th and Main, the Elemental Legacy series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction.

October  -  Branding Workshop

What is Branding and How Does it Sell Books?

Please join us for a group workshop on Branding. This is the hot topic nowadays among entrepreneurs. Branding, branding, branding - What is that and how does that translate to selling books? Well, are you having trouble deciding exactly what to write? Do you find yourself hopping around genres or subgenres? Do you wonder if your readers are confused with what type of book you're going to put out next? Do you ever wonder if your readers really understand what books you write and why don't they know that? What is your brand?

**Please arrive with your laptop and a hotspot, because this is a working meeting where we will teach each other! Show and tell. Everyone will be given a chance to talk and the group hive mind will do it's best to help you leave with ideas for how to identify and tighten your Brand.  

November  - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks - Getting the Most out of Facebook and Other Social Media


Bryan T. Clark


Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Amazon Ad, social media marketing has become more competitive than ever. Learn the best social media strategy to improve your brand presence and understand which one is right for you.

Bryan T. Clark is a Lambda Literary finalist and Rainbow Award winning author of gay romance, and contemporary books. He writes romance with an emphasis on moral dilemma. His multicultural characters and riveting plots embody real life, filled with challenges, personal growth, and, of course, what we all desire—love.